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The purpose the Israel National Program for Quality Indicators in Community Healthcare is to maintain continuous and dynamic measures of healthcare quality that include preventive services, screening, treatment and management of disease. This information is intended for use by policy makers as well as the public in order to assess the quality of healthcare provided by the health plans. All this is with the ultimate goal of improving and enhancing

healthcare services provided to the residents of Israel

התכנית הלאומית למדדי איכות לרפואת הקהילה בישראל


المشروع الوطني لمؤشرات الجودة الطبية للصحة الجماهيرية في اسرائيل


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

According to the World Health Organization for 2018, breast cancer is the most common malignant disease among women in the world, and is also responsible for the highest number of deaths in women among the malignant diseases. Early detection, along with developments in treatment, is the key to an increase in cure rates and a decline in disease mortality rates. The Israeli Ministry of Health recommends a mammogram for women at regular risk between the ages of 74-50, once every two years. The examination is carried out as part of a health plan initiated by the HMOs. In 2018, the rate of breast cancer screening (using mammography) among women 50-74 years old was 72.5%. This rate is considerably higher than the average rate among OECD countries, which is about 60%. The rate in SEP level 1  was lower compared to SEP level 4 . In addition, by age, the lowest rates are observed in women aged 74-70, compared to younger women.

National Program for Quality Indicators in Community Healthcare 

התוכנית הלאומית למדדי איכות לרפואת הקהילה בישראל